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Enjoy Your Holiday Without Leaving the City

Falcon 1511

Are you ready to discover the most entertaining and social places of Antalya, the capital of tourism, which you know with its wonderful nature, sea and beaches?

Located in Lara, the most famous and colorful area of ​​Antalya city centre, our hotel invites you to a completely different accommodation experience.

If you are dreaming of having a holiday by enjoying the city in cozy and comfortable rooms where you will feel special, meet us!

What awaits you here?

Comfortable rooms, a great breakfast, gourmet delicacies and a location where you can experience Antalya to the fullest! You decide when and where, enjoy a free accommodation experience!

The choice of the new generation of free business people will be the 1511!

Because we are in the active and closest area of ​​Antalya to the business world! You can choose 1511 to have a free accommodation experience on your business trips.

Enjoy Your Holiday Without Leaving the City